Spring Giveaway!

Spring Giveaway!

Tag a pic of yourself with a flamingo #springISontheway it's a spring giveaway!
Post a pic of yourself on one of our social media accounts with the tag #springISontheway! We’ll send you some samples of our product line launching later this year!


In honor of my very first photo contest entry, I am launching a spring giveaway!  Post a photo of yourself on our Facebook page, our Instagram feed or here in the blog comments of yourself with a flamingo!  No, it doesn’t have to be a REAL flamingo (but extra points if it is)… Add #springISontheway and I’ll send you a nice sample of the products we’re launching later this year.  Remember, post anywhere with the hashtag and tag me, @cheralees to make sure I see it.  That’s it!  We’ll keep it open until the first day of spring, so post before 12:01am on Friday, March 20, 2015.  That day, we’ll pick the best pic and send a gift basket of goodies!

I saw this fellow at the San Diego Zoo in November.  I was clicking away and thought he was asleep.  Lo and behold, when I uploaded the photos at home, I saw that he had peeped back at me!

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