Can You Save A Frostbitten Fern?

Can You Save A Frostbitten Fern?

Here's Fern earlier this summer... Lush, green and happy.
Here’s Fern earlier this summer… Lush, green and happy.


Because I am cheap frugal, I don’t like to spend a fortune on outdoor decor for our deck.  I want to be able to see when we are out there at night, preferably without a horde of mosquitoes, and I want it to look reasonably pulled together.  I am almost 40 years old and half-assed just isn’t a style I want to have anymore.  Which begs the question, can you save a frostbitten fern?

This fern cost over $5, which is a fortune in a plant pot as far as I am concerned.  I buy clearance daffodil bulbs, half-dead hostas and ask others to divide their peonies for me.  If it is decorative around here, it has to be as a perennial and as inexpensive as possible in cost, maintenance and headaches.

fern frost
After our first light frost a few days ago.

Here’s “Fern” now.  She has a weird wet fishy smell and I brought her into the house.  Dry air and temperature shock aside, I think she’s looking pretty good.  None of the brown is especially crispy and a few new green fronds are working their way out.  (Ignore the dog hair.)

Here she is now.
Here she is now.

I was happy to see additional greenery after the trimming.  I would suggest not doing it IN the house, though.  Fern looks like the star of a Charlie Brown-esque special on houseplants.  In a few days, I think it will be obvious whether this is going to work.  If not, I can change the title of this post to a definite “No, You Cannot.”

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