You Can Call Me Queen Bee

Somewhere in Utah, Queen Cheralee is working hard.  She is attended by hundreds of her daughters, and is busy populating the combs of an adopted Queen Farina hive.  I know, because I put her there.  When the dreamy pictures of Queen Farina’s operation popped up on my Instagram feed, all I could do was sigh.  It was […]

New additions to the flock

I never envisioned myself chicken mistress to a more than one breed of chickens.  I saw no reason for there to be any new additions to the flock.  Australorps, with their constant large brown egg-laying quality pretty much met my needs.  They are efficient with their feed, do well over winter, are calm (mostly) and […]

Spring Giveaway!

  In honor of my very first photo contest entry, I am launching a spring giveaway!  Post a photo of yourself on our Facebook page, our Instagram feed or here in the blog comments of yourself with a flamingo!  No, it doesn’t have to be a REAL flamingo (but extra points if it is)… Add […]